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*!!* THIS PROJECT IS CURRENTLY PUT ON HOLD. This is my first ever attempt at game making, and unfortunately I just no longer feel that it's the same game that I had envisioned before I started it. So I'm going to postpone it for now. I do intend to come back to it in the future. However I'll have to improve my skills first.


CALAMITY EFFECT: RISING is a short and simple, but ambitious, experimental story-driven RPG that features a uniquely drawn city that is completely optional to explore, 5 diverse side quests inspired by various popular media, and an original and indescribable main plot about overcoming the loss of someone important.

*!* This is a very, VERY, story-heavy game. It contains a lot of plot, a lot of world building, and A LOT of plot twists. If you do not like any of these things, then this game is likely not for you.

Main Features:

  • A uniquely drawn city that is completely optional to explore
  • 5 diverse side quests inspired by various popular media
  • An original and indescribable main story about overcoming the loss of someone important
  • No EXP grinding. No fetch quests. There are only 4 battles in the entire game (3 mandatory and 1 optional).
  • This game is short (for a RPG). It should lasts about 3~5 hours depending on how much side content you intend to do.

*!* This game contains strong violence and mature subject matters. Player discretion is advised.

* My main inspirations for this game are Persona, One Piece, and Bleach.

Install instructions

The downloadable game file is a compressed (zipped) folder.

To play the demo simply run the Game.exe file after extracting all of its contents.


CER00.zip 354 MB


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I'm still here. Haven't abandoned this. I'm currently working hard to get better at game-making. Probably will come back to this sometime early next year.

WOW! This game is AMAZING! 
There's A LOT unique going on here that I really just love:

- Love all the text on every single map. (And the way it's presented, the font, the colors, the labels around each door, text on buildings, names on facearts.)
- Love the fact that there are only story-relevant battles. (Finally! A game that respects its gamer's valuable time!)
- Absolutely love the story! The World! The dark twists! And all the cutscenes that portray them!
- I found that the characters were all amazing and unique.
- The humor is great! (Those scenes literally made me laugh.)
- The graphics and artwork are uniquely awesomesauce! And love the design of the whole city, and how seriously rich it is.

The lack of sound effects made the experience a bit unpleasant, and made me want to take a break from playing at times, but I was just SO hooked by everything else, that I couldn't stop playing until the demo ended. 

Conclusion: You've done an AMAZING job with this game! And I'm seriously excited, looking forward to the full game! 

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Wow THANK YOU for your feedback! I really appreciate it!

And sorry for the VERY late reply. I got busy with other things and forgot to log on for a while.

I'm glad that your overall experience with the demo was a positive one. And I understand that the game's sound effect, or lack thereof, is jarring.

You've probably realized it while playing the demo. I just don't have the necessary skills to create a polished and professional-feeling game. YET. (I thought making a game, especially a RPG Maker one, would be easy. But man was I wrong!)

So that's why I've put the game on hold for the time being. I'm going to improve my abilities first.

However I AM going to finish it. And I hope you'd still be willing to check it out when it is done.

So thanks again for the feedback! And bye for now.


Hey, take your time! I can completely understand since I'm also holding off my projects, to take the time to improve my skills.

(In fact, that's why I'm playing games like yours: to know and learn from what's already out there, and what competition I'm up against. :D )

And you can DEFINITELY expect me to be around when you're done, since this game has been one of the MOST memorable RPG Maker games I've played! So super happy to hear that you're definitely going to finish it. 

Anywho, thank you for the response! And bye for now.