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*!!* THIS PROJECT IS CURRENTLY PUT ON HOLD. This is my first ever attempt at game making, and unfortunately I just no longer feel that it's the same game that I had envisioned before I started it. So I'm going to postpone it for now. I do intend to come back to it in the future. However I'll have to improve my skills first.


CALAMITY EFFECT: RISING is a short and simple, but ambitious, experimental story-driven RPG that features a uniquely drawn city that is completely optional to explore, 5 diverse side quests inspired by various popular media, and an original and indescribable main plot about overcoming the loss of someone important.

*!* This is a very, VERY, story-heavy game. It contains a lot of plot, a lot of world building, and A LOT of plot twists. If you do not like any of these things, then this game is likely not for you.

Main Features:

  • A uniquely drawn city that is completely optional to explore
  • 5 diverse side quests inspired by various popular media
  • An original and indescribable main story about overcoming the loss of someone important
  • No EXP grinding. No fetch quests. There are only 4 battles in the entire game (3 mandatory and 1 optional).
  • This game is short (for a RPG). It should lasts about 3~5 hours depending on how much side content you intend to do.

*!* This game contains strong violence and mature subject matters. Player discretion is advised.

* My main inspirations for this game are Persona, One Piece, and Bleach.

Install instructions

The downloadable game file is a compressed (zipped) folder.

To play the demo simply run the Game.exe file after extracting all of its contents.


CER00.zip 354 MB


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WOW! This game is AMAZING! 
There's A LOT unique going on here that I really just love:

- Love all the text on every single map. (And the way it's presented, the font, the colors, the labels around each door, text on buildings, names on facearts.)
- Love the fact that there are only story-relevant battles. (Finally! A game that respects its gamer's valuable time!)
- Absolutely love the story! The World! The dark twists! And all the cutscenes that portray them!
- I found that the characters were all amazing and unique.
- The humor is great! (Those scenes literally made me laugh.)
- The graphics and artwork are uniquely awesomesauce! And love the design of the whole city, and how seriously rich it is.

The lack of sound effects made the experience a bit unpleasant, and made me want to take a break from playing at times, but I was just SO hooked by everything else, that I couldn't stop playing until the demo ended. 

Conclusion: You've done an AMAZING job with this game! And I'm seriously excited, looking forward to the full game!